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Best Smart LED TV For Money Buying Guide. Our battle for choosing the best TV sets you can get your hands on in 2018-2019.

Buying the best smart led tv for money isn’t a child’s play anymore. What you have to do only visit websites, electronic stores and spending hours and hours to make the right decision. But after doing such hassle you always feel guilty in your guts that maybe you can do better.


LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) or LED (Lights Emission Display) are the main technologies available in stores. Technically LED’s are sort of LCDs but both are slightly different with each other.  In simple words, LCDs & LEDs have one main difference. Behind the screen, LEDs are installed to dynamically light up the screen which gave us clear and bright results than LCDs.

What to think or what not to.

So many features, so many models make everyone confused to think what to do or what not to do i.e. Amazon Fire TV Sticks supports Dolby vision whereas Xbox doesn’t support the 4K resolution and SkyQ Doesn’t Support HDR 10 so if you are XBOXER and you want Dolby Vision but you are getting the 4K resolution with HDR 10 and now here you are now you are stuck while thinking that you want a TV which also supports the good IPTV or Media Streaming Device.

What you need to do.

Therefore you only need to do is simply read our review about Good Smart LED TV for the money. It can also save you money and gives you extended feature you always need and decide what you really wanna buy.

What do we have reviewed?

There are a few models we reviewed and share our experience with you.

  • TCL 55S517 55-Inch 4K Smart LED TV (2018 Model)
  • Toshiba 50LF621U19 50-inch 4K Smart LED TV HDR – Fire TV Edition
  • TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K  Smart LED TV (2017 Model)
  • Samsung 55NU7100 Flat 55” 7 Series Smart TV 2018
  • LG 55UK6300PUE 55-Inch 4K Smart LED TV (2018 Model)

TCL 55S517 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model)

The Creative Life (TCL) is one of the best selling consumer electronics and fast-growing TV brand in the world, especially in North America. TCL offers the top best smart led tv for the money. As a matter of fact that TCL TV’s Specifications compete for the Big brands like Samsung, LG, Sony etc.

  • TCL Model No. 55S517 released in 2018 with 55-inch screen size loaded with Roku smart software. This offers access to more than 4,000 live streaming channels and 500,000 plus TV episodes and movies.
  • 4K ultra high definition picture clarity with the dynamic contrast, colors and the added detail of HDR (High Dynamic Range) for the great picture quality.
  • 120Hz refresh rate makes possible to watch fast-moving action scenes without blur.
  • Direct-lit LED panel with the resolution of 3840 x 2160 produces great crystal clear quality picture.
  • For connectivity Wi-Fi: 802.11ac 2×2 Dual Band (support 2.4GHz & 5GHz) and Input ports included HDCP 2.2 (one with HDMI ARC) with 3 HDMI 2.0, 1 USB (media player), RF, Composite, Optical Audio Out, Headphone Jack, Ethernet.
  • Powerful Roku mobile app turns your mobile and tablet into powerful remote control and also included easy to use super simple Voice remote control.
  • This LED tv equipped with latest technologies i.e. Dolby Vision HDR, HDR 10 and Wide Colour
  • You can launch programs through voice remote.
  • 4K Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Best Smart LED tv for using Kodi.
  • 120Hz refresh rate gives you the best graphics for your gaming experience.
  • Good Sound but No Dolby Atmos support available.

Toshiba 50LF621U19 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR – Fire TV Edition.

For over 135 years, Toshiba has been striving to make the world better-and life more enjoyable for everyone. How? With a full range of smart digital life products and consumer electronics, designed by the best and the brightest, and backed by millions invested in R & D. Through our responsible approach to business and global citizenship. But most important, by our relentless drive and world-leading innovation. henceToshiba Fire Tv isn’t the best smart led tv for the money. In fact, this is the cheap smart led tv which gives him the worth of review.

  • Toshiba 4k UHD smart LED Tv Fire TV edition is Powered by true 4K Ultra HD with more than 8million pixels picture quality gives the stunning quality with enhanced brightness, deep contrast, and vivid colors.
  • Smart functions via Amazon Fire integrations gives access to around 4,000 streaming channels and more than 500,000 episodes of Tv shows and movies over the internet.
  • Fire Tv enable your access to thousands of apps like Alexa Skills also includes the Amazon prime video, Netflix, STARZ, Hulu, Showtime, HBO etc. etc.
  • Alexa Voice remote offers the easily control over your TV and you can launch apps, TV shows searching, play music, control compatible home smart devices and many more options with only your voice.
  • Multiple inputs and output options with 3 HDMI, USB, composite input, optical antenna or cable outputs, audio output, dual-band, dual-antenna wifi(MMO), and ethernet.
  • Comes with the internet browser to explore internet (Silk & Firefox).
  • The TV is Bluetooth compatibles so you can connect the TV with headphones or any other Bluetooth devices.
  • Comes with Alexa Remote Control.
  • Low price TV everyone can afford this piece of tech.
  • if you live in California you may have to check with states laws.
  • The TV is HDR compatible not HDR loaded. so you can enjoy HDR Movies and TV shows but don’t expect HDR quality from games.
  • The TV has 60Hz refresh rate so you can’t get the best result of action-packed movies.

TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

  • TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Cheap Smart LED TV model was released in 2017.  this model was released in 43″, 49″, 55″ and 65″.
  • 43″ model has some less functionality but all other screen panel size offers a wide range of picture and sound enhancements.
  • TCL integrates Roku software within TV which provide us the access approximately 4,000 live TV streaming channels and more than 450,000 Movies & TV shows.
  • Most lifelike picture quality provided with the details of HDR, 4K Ultra HD Pictures Clarity.
  • Direct-LED Panel with resolution 3840 x 2160 with 120Hz refresh rate allows the fast-moving action and sports scenes without motion blur.
  • Equipped with 3 HDMI 2.0 ports along with 1 HDMI ARC, 1 USB, RF, Composite, Wi-FI, Headphone Jack, Ethernet, Optical Audio
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology
  • 4K Creative Pro upscaling engine
  • 120Hz CMI effective refresh rate
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi & Ethernet port
  • Stream 500,000 movies & TV episodes across thousands of streaming channels
  • Only HDR 10 Technology available No Dolby Vision HDR, No Wide Color Gamet, and No CCZ Technology.
  • No Voice Remote but you can install Roku app on your mobile and use the app to do your voice bidding.
  • No Bluetooth Functionality.

Samsung 55NU7100 Flat 55” 7 Series Smart TV 2018

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Suwon, South Korea. Samsung sold around 31 million flat-panel televisions in 2009, enabling Samsung to maintain the world’s largest Television manufacturer for a fourth consecutive year.

  • Samsung 55NU7100 Flat 55” 7 Series Smart TV released in 2018 equipped with HDR 10+ support. This Tv offers the 4K resolution moreover if the content is not 4K the powerful UHD engines upscales the content into 4K.
  • Above all with PurColor millions of shades of color creates incredibly vibrant pictures with the support of Wide color gamut.
  • Above All, if you are an admirer of slim elegant designs then this TV would be your first choice.
  • Similarly, then other manufacturer Samsung doesn’t offer the voice remote with this TV. But certainly, Samsung remote control probably enables you to access the content of your streaming service with the ease in one place.
  • Similarly, Samsung added the120Hz motion rate gives you the smooth view of action-packed and sports contents without the motion blur.
  • Every TV we reviewed is 4K. but Samsung UHD engine is most noteworthy of upscaling so the Non-4k Contents to 4K.
  • Due to Wider Color Gamut Capable Tv enables the vibrant picture quality.
  • Above all fluid motion with 120Hz
  • Also, sync the Tv with your smartphone to control the content of TV.
  • Ambient Mode Unavailable Neither Smart Assistant.
  • Smart or Voice Remote isn’t Included
  • No Bluetooth
  • Another No for 360° Design.

LG 55UK6300PUE 55-Inch 4K Smart LED TV (2018 Model)

LG’s philosophy revolves around people, sincerity, and sticking to the fundamentals. It is to understand our customers and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping our customers lead better lives.

  • The UK6300 is designed with a slim, with the almost Bazzel less screen that’s ideal for any room aesthetic.
  • The new LG UHD TV 6300PUE with AI (Artificial Intelligence) used with LG’s proprietary software ThinQ becomes the hub for the smart home.
  • Above All, Speak into the LG Magic Remote to pull up family photos, control light settings, check the weather and more. Also compatible with around 10 Amazon Alexa devices like Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo dot etc. etc.
  • A powerful quad-core processor that will minimize video noise, enhances sharpness and assures accurate colors for a remarkably real lifelike 4K picture.
  • This LG 6300PUE UHD 4K TV offers the support of multiple formats of HDR content, including HDR10 and HLG, both tech optimized with scene-by-scene picture adjustment.
  • Equipped with LG’s advanced tone mapping technology, HDR 10 and HLG so you can have the scene to scene optimization of pictures.
  • LG uses IPS technology so you can have the pane switching to get rich colors and the strong contrast ratio that be consistent at wide viewing angles.


  • First of all, the wide viewing angle.
  • IPS Technology
  • HDR 10 & HLG
  • Even more LG’s Advance tone mapping technology.
  • Above All ThinQ AI Hub is the best feature to gather your smart home in one place.
  • Finally LG’s Magic Remote


  • No Audio Enhancements & Tiny Speakers.
  • Bluetooth Not Available.
  • LG’s Magic Remote is limited compatibility with certain languages.


We always heard these questions around us when someone wanted to buy a new Tv that what is the best smart led tv for money these days? which is the cheapest smart led tv?  etc. etc. So the first thing we should know that nothing is perfect in the world furthermore the more feature you want the more prices to go high.

Seems like you want a car with the normal feature you can get it on normal prices but if you need a car with high-end features like GPS, ICE or etc. You have to keep this in mind that because of feature prices may go high.

likewise, if you are looking for the best smart led tv you need to know that every added feature may add the hike in price. So the best value for your money can get have reviewed in this article. Above all, it helps you to get the most for your money. Happy hunting.

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